Flash and Animation

Tech Fly, Jodhpur at Flash and animation plays a key role in enhancing the efficiency of online graphics and designing learning course. We have top notch dynamic solutions for animations and flash training in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

  There are many multimedia tools to create animations and graphics elements, but Adobe flash is very popular and advance tool in today’s competitive graphics and designing world. Flash is major component of Adobe Suite. Tech Fly, Jodhpur provides 2D animations and Adobe Flash CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 versions. Creative cloud(CC) is latest version of Adobe flash training. We have all versions flash and animation tutorials, which we can provide to our students and start creating your project.

Flast Animation Jodhpur

Adobe Flash: - Adobe flash is the best tool to work with many versions CS3 to CS6 and CC (creative cloud), Adobe flash, to create complex dynamic effects such as controlling an object with using an action script. An object should be image, audio, video or text file to create a project. Tech Fly, Jodhpur have following key tools and techniques for flash and animation: -

  1. Object, key frames, time element and layers can play important role to start a project.
  2. By default, every project property is 500*440 pixels(size) and it can be change as per client requirement of project.
  3. 24 frames per second with white background for each slide.
  4. Shift+F5 and Shift+F6 to add frames.
  5. We can add image, audio and video files with shapes and animated graphics.
  6. We can make ‘n’ number of layers and we can apply variety of different animations on them.
  7. Motion tween and Shape tween feature to move and shape an object in various directions.
  8. Action scripting is to perform some actions like playing a movie or video, navigating to new website, etc.

Tech Fly, Jodhpur have best faculties and experts to train and teach you with upgraded adobe flash versions as well as 2D - 3D Animation & VFX are Career Oriented Programs which has been introduced keeping industry requirement in consideration. there are following course highlights: -

  1. Introduction of Flash Tools.
  2. Usage of Flash animation in Websites.
  3. Creating Flash Buttons & Headers for Websites.
  4. Creating Flash Banners and introduction.
  5. Creating First Flash website.
  6. Concept of Flash Action Scripting.
  7. Fundamentals of Programming.
  8. Integration of Flash with Text file.
  9. Scripting in Action Script 2.
  10. Advance AS2 Dynamic Flash.
  11. Integration of Flash with PHP & My SQL.
  12. Integration of Flash with XML.
  13. Learn & Apply concepts of 2D - 3D Animation Technique.
  14. Special Effects and Digital Graphics.
  15. Image Editing for print & publishing.
  16. Create Rich Multimedia content for print and TV Ads.
  17. Logos for Advertisements, etc.

 Here are some numbers to define flash and animation users: -

  1. more than 500 million devices are addressable today with Flash technology, and it is projected there will be over 1 billion addressable devices by the end of 2015.
  2. more than 20,000 apps in mobile markets, like the Apple App Store and Google Play, are built using Flash technology.
  3. 24 of the top 25 Facebook games are built using Flash technology. The top 9 Flash technology enabled games in China generate over US$70 million a month.
  4. More than 3 million developers use the Adobe Flash technology to create engaging interactive and animated web content.